The BARJOY Chronicles: of One and Many

Installation, sculpture, photography and live performance, a  mixed media exhibition, in collaboration with Lior Bar, Eric Reyes Lamothe, and Justin Time, Gallery 2950, San Jose, CA, August 2014

Drifting Through Concrete

Live multi-media performance for opening reception of DeTour, juried group show at Open Source Gallery, including “A Detour Alligned” photo montage installation, Brooklyn, NYC,  2013

Slip Sculptures

Sacrado Corazón, Video Performance Still

“I didn’t say I didn’t love you, I said, stay away from me!”, On The Waterfront Freeze Frames

Lior Bar: Unravelled Israeli and Palestinian Flags, Empty flag poles

Lior Bar & Susan Joy Rippberger speak with Gallery 2905 curator, Lourdes de Mieses

Justin Time: The Clone Ranger Rides Again

Eric Reyes Lamothe: Multitudes

The Breakroom Café: Installation, sculpture, photomontage.  Oakland CA, 2011